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Hey!  I'm April.  Kandle Kidswear owner.  Busy boy momma x2.  Happy Austinite.  I design and create sweet bodysuits and tees that parents can't wait to get on their little ones!  I purchased Kandle Kidswear in 2016 from two great friends, Kim and Laura, who created it in 2008 when Laura appliqued our cowboy dinosaur design on a one-piece for Kim's new baby.  Over the course of almost a decade, they grew a company that is very loved and has super loyal customers.  Our happy designs make everyone smile and boy is that a great feeling!  I love being at the helm of this beautiful endeavor.  I'm am a lucky girl!

Here we all are.  The top picture is me, April, with my husband and two little boys at Bull Creek, one of the prettiest places in ATX!  The bottom picture is of K & L, two of the prettiest gals in ATX!  

  Laura and Kim



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