How do I wash my new, adorable shirt? 

Turn the shirt inside-out before washing to protect the felt pieces. Then machine wash cold and tumble dry low. All of our items have been tested in the wash at kandle kidswear world headquarters (our laundry room!) over and over, and hold up great to the rigors of everyday washing and drying.

The shirts look cream-colored in the pictures on the website. What color are they?

Almost all of our designs are sewn onto unbleached, organic cotton bodysuits/tees that are made in the USA. The shirts are the delicious, creamy color of natural cotton.

What are your things made of? Tell me about the materials.

We are proud to use materials that are kind to the bellies wearing them as well as to planet earth. Our onesies and tees are 100% certified organic cotton. The dye used for our blue shirts is toxin-free, solution-based, with no dye-runoff. Our felt is made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles and is also solution dyed. The color is encapsulated in the fiber with no dye runoff into our water system or in your washer. How great is all of this?

Are your shirts sewn by hand?

Our local seamstresses use their trusty sewing machines for most of the designs, but some small pieces (like the dinosaur's eye and the alligator's teeth) are sewn by hand.

The floppy designs are so cute, but will my child be able to pull off the parts that are not sewn down?

For added fun and dimensionality, many of our designs include felt pieces that "flop around" (like the armadillo's legs and the longhorn's ear). While the shirts are not indestructible, it is unlikely that your child could pull the parts off without pliers or scissors!

Do you have bigger sizes? Can you create a custom shirt? I really want a trombone instead of a guitar on a pink long sleeved shirt in a size 10!

We LOVE special orders. Bigger size? Sure! Different shirt color? Sure! Different shirt style? Sure! Original design? Sure! Just email us!

Do you have any other designs in the works?

Do we ever! We have big plans for many other designs, and we'll add them to the website as soon as they're tried and tested.

Do you have a Kandle Kidswear mailing list?

We do! And you can join it on the home page! You'll receive updates when new designs are available and information promotions and new merchants carrying our designs in your area.

How did you come up with the name "Kandle Kidswear?" What does "Kandle" mean?

When Kim and Laura were trying to come up with a name for the business, they started out with the initials of their first names, K & L. After they said it out loud several times, they thought it sounded kind of like "candle" and that it was catchy! And here we are: Kandle Kidswear (that's kandle with a "k").


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